Founded in 1985, Omega Technology is an experienced SME in the IT industry in Greece. Solutions provided include Virtual Reality, Assisted Living, e-Learning, Document and Knowledge Management systems, Mobile Apps, Educational Games and tailor made applications for people with disabilities.


Ortelio Ltd is a research and innovation management consultancy, offering a combination of experience in business and technology. Ortelio supports the development & commercialization of new products and services by leveraging the research results through international research management.

National University of Ireland Galway

National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG) is represented in the project by two cross-disciplinary teams that offer excellence in all addressed fields of the project, The Whitaker Institute for Innovation and Societal Change at NUI Galway and the Insight Centre for Data Analytics (former DERI) is a joint initiative between researchers at UCD, NUI Galway, UCC, DCU, and other partner institutions.


Publisto is an app-developing and publishing company specializing in the creation of interactive tales for children. Publisto's interactive tales have received great sales and substantial critical acclaim from specialist media outlets around the world for providing a truly lasting educational experience to young readers and their parents.


Gamifico Limited is a startup company focused on the research, development and implementation of gamification techniques, tools and engagement technologies. Its services cover the creation of tailor-made solutions designed to support existing non-gamified offerings with detailed consulting on the implementation and integration of technologies that support the gamified design.

Krakow Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Kraków (IPH) is an organization of economic self-government, which mission is to represent the economic interests of member companies before the public administrations and the European Union entities. IPH in Krakow is the largest organization of the local economy development in Malopolska region.


Megaprojects has been established in 2009, by a team of experts in Business Development, IT Management, Greek National Investment Programmes and European Commission co-funded Projects servicing many leading European and multinational companies, universities and organizations.

Real Group (UK)

Real Group trades as Real Psychology, Real e-Learning, Real Training – all part of a team of child and educational psychologists and technology experts that have expertise in child psychology, early learning, education, special educational needs and research skills. Real Group has ten years of experience of using psychological insight when designing innovative technological learning solutions.

Rome Chamber of Commerce

IRFI is the designated training agency of the Rome Chamber of Commerce and acts in compliance with its institutional mandate given by the Chamber of Commerce. Its main activities are research, consultancy, development and management of training activities which further its business members’ interests and encourages business and economic growth in the region.

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